Why Us

What is Social Gear?

We are a self-service digital marketing platform for your targeted audience that has all your marketing needs covered.


Database curation

Have enormous amounts of data? Don't worry, with Social Gear you can have all of...

Database segmentation

Send highly targeted emails and reach the subscribers you really want to increase your...

A/B testing

Experiment with different subject lines, sender details, email content, and send...


Our email retargeting feature will increase your visibility to key subscribers, which helps...

Reporting analytics

Detailed reporting analytics provide insight about your audience profiles, prefere...

Benefits of Social Gear

Maximize Your Reach

Tap into segments you previously never explored through the power of transformed communication. Now, you can pursue business expansion at a...

Discover more sales opportunities

Sale opportunities are never lost with Social Gear on board. Recapture leads that have gone cold and walk customers through their purchase journey to build a sustainable...

Stay ahead of the Competition

Distinguishing your business is easy when you're effectively making your presence felt. Our integrated marketing approach enables you to market your business in a...

Our Happy Clients


Free plan

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  • 10,000 free emails in a month
  • 2000 Unique email IDs
  • Unlimited access

Subscription plan

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US$ 4/mo

  • Access to all of our features
  • Price based on your email list size
  • Available for individual, Business and Agency

Pay as you go

Starting from

US$ 0.70

  • Access to all of our features
  • Price based on your email credits
  • Available for individual, Business and Agency