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Social Gear has everything your Email Marketing campaign needs - customizable templates, split A/B testing, and technology that will allow you to run email marketing campaigns faster and easier than ever!​

Email Marketing Tool
Bulk email service provider

Database Curation

A refined and accurate database is a powerhouse feature that opens up a world of opportunities. Extract value from the data you collect with the database creation feature that enables you to reduce duplicate and redundant data.

Template Builder

Impress existing and potential customers with templates that reflect your brand and connect with your audience’s need. Customize layouts, colors, fonts, and the logo placement to suit your campaigns and strategies. With the advantage of a template builder, reuse or enhance previous templates or create new ones in sync with your requirement, the sky is the limit!

Template Builder
Email Marketing database segmentation

Database Segmentation

Enhanced with filters, database browsing is now a thing of the past. Now, optimize on its value with the ease of segmentation. Instantly access the data you need and execute campaigns using macro and micro filters based on age, location, email, phone, gender, income, and industry.

A/B Testing

Striking the right cord is what distinguishes lead-generating emails. Finetune your email marketing strategy with increased relevancy of content. Pit various HTML versions, subject lines, sender names, email ids, day and time against each other to find the top-performing ones.

Email marketing a/b testing
Email Retargeting


Whether responsive or non-responsive you can usher customers into associating with your brand offerings. Capture customers who have slipped through by curating insight-driven strategies even as you nurture a relationship with customers who show interest. The beauty of digital connections lies in a single user being connected and accessible to a host of portals.

Email Automation

Build your business and expand your reach with the power of email automation. Nurture a personal and loyal relationship with customers, create a workflow in-line with consumer behavior, and re-engage with long-lost customers, email automation brings you the best of digital communication.

Email Automation
Email marketing analytics

Reporting Analytics

Define your way-forward based on analytics of the past and current event marketing campaigns. With a detailed analysis and information on consumer responses and mediums of interaction, report-based insights facilitate an in-depth understanding of audience profiles and the market landscape. Make the most of advanced features like link, click reporting, OS & device-wise reporting, clicks and open reporting and many more. What follows, is a plan of action that supersedes its benchmark.

Landing Page Builder

Landing Page Builder

From creating a brand persona to propelling product awareness, the right landing page is a make or break for your audience. Complement your email marketing strategy even as you motivate your target audience to respond to your call-to-action.

HTML Editor

Eliminate the wait-time and enjoy the independence, creativity, and competence of an HTML editor. Create, refine, touch-up, and revise the coding in real-time. Even better, preview before you finalize on the look, feel and interactive elements.

HTML Editor

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